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Past and Present Clients

My Portfolio

Here is a selection of satisfied clients I have collaborated with to
ensure their content delivers positive results within their budget.
Click on the logos to go to their websites.

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I collaborate with EBEL, the Swiss luxury watch company, writing copy for their online social media presence (Facebook and Instagram accounts) and E-blasts provided directly to their clients.

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A loyal client, I do translations and editing support for cinfo which include internal documents and website content.


Easy talk English Courses - Bern

I designed and built the new website and wrote all text for the Easy talk website. I also designed and created their new brand concept.

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 17.20.39.png

Cath Reza Psychosocial Counselling

I designed, built the website, wrote the text and designed a branding concept  for Cath Reza Psychosocial Counselling.

We've got this logo white background.png

We've Got This

I created a brand package (logo, text, colour palate), edited written course content and advised extensively on presentations and marketing strategy.

GDNutrition Logo.jpeg

GD Nutrition

I wrote copy and continue to provide content for GD Nutrition's website. We regularly collaborate to produce new recipes for her recipe page.



I translated the copy on the BeLEARN website from German to English.
On-going language and editing support.


Gabriela Mueller AG

Community platform management, social media content creation
and editing services, general support during in person and online seminars and sessions.


ArgYou AG

I have an ongoing collaboration with ArgYou for website
content support, composition of marketing material for
customers and proofreading of internal documents.



 I translate press releases from French to English for bonyf ag.


I translate website copy from German/French to English for furrerhugi.

Portfolio: Clients
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